Turn Down Anger

One fine day I had 500 rs and wanted to get a few things. So, with my shopping list, I set out from my hostel to the nearby departmental store. After getting the things I need, I headed towards the cash counter. The Bill was rupees 110. I handed over 500 rs to the cashier. She asked me if I had 10 rupees for which I said no. Then she told me that she would not give 90 rupees and told me to give her 10 rupees. I got frustrated and was about to argue because I saw a bundle of 10 rs and 20 rs in the cash counter. But then I controlled my anger and said her that I will go and get 10 rs from my hostel. On the way to the hostel, I was analyzing what had happened and was wondering what was the right thing to do. Finally, I gathered myself up and handed 10 rs to her with a smile on my face. She was surprised by seeing me smile. She also smiled back and the whole problem came to an end with just one little smile. Many times in our lives we come across many situations that make us frustrated. But before showing our anger towards that person we have to make sure to analyze the situation one more time. Even though the mistake is not on our side we have to solve the problem rather than enlarging it. Life is too short to Justify who is right and who is wrong. If one is too strong in their opinion then the other must try to give in. Anyone can fight back but only a strong person has the power and the ability to “LET GO”. Learn the art to forgive and forget what others do no matter what. Spread Love for everyone in this world deserves to be Loved.


                                     Holding on to Anger is like Drinking Poison and expecting the other Person to Die

                                                                               “Anger does not solve Anything
                                                                                          It builds Nothing
                                                                                 But it can destroy Everything”

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