Wait for the Perfect Timing

                      In life, many times we wonder how our future would be like and end up totally puzzled. Everyone is so eager to know the future that they forget to enjoy the present moment. For an instance examine “The Mango Tree”. We plant the seed knowing that it would bear mango fruit in the fore-coming years. But the seed itself doesn’t know what fruit it’s going to bear. It just grows day by day receiving water and sunlight in the right amount. In the same way, we are the seed planted into this world by the lord. The Lord knows our fruit which is our future and he provides only the right amount of water and sunlight which is the trials and tests in our lives to strengthen us. We are supposed to keep going though we are not sure what the future is like. The mango tree would take about 5-8 years to yield it’s fruit which in the latter days would be useful for many purposes. Likewise, we have to patiently wait on the lord for in the due season he will bring all things to pass. The waiting period is the hardest but always keep in mind that waiting period is never a wasting period. So, we must keep on growing step by step for in God’s time we will prosper and be a blessing to this nation.

                    ” You are not your idea
                     You are not even your parent’s idea
                       You are God’s idea
                              And it’s only he who can tell the purpose of your life”

“God’s Job is to unfold our unknown future. Our Job is to trust and glorify him as he does”


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