Does Humanity even Exist…???

    When we are born, we have no conscious knowledge about ourselves or about the environment around us. We are just an innocent little soul having the same blood and a heart that only loves irrespective of the race, gender and religion. But it’s really disheartening to see that we tend to forget ourselves as we grow and fight for land, for power and for petty things that hardly matter in life. We all pray to God to give us all these things and totally forget the purpose of our life, for what we have been created for.
Recently, we must have all come across the news of ISIS murdering more than 10,000 civilians of Syria and the news of a little girl Asifa brutally killed in Kashmir. It’s a shame that people of this generation have completely lost the sense of humanity. Some are running after satisfying their own selfish temporary needs ruining the precious lives of others. This all starts when people as general stop respecting and valuing others by discriminating them based on their race, gender, and religion. Man cannot create the sun or a leaf, though he is free to tamper with God’s creation to the extent he wishes. He cannot prevent himself from getting hungry and thirsty, he does not decide what time or country he will be born, he is not free to choose his parents nor physical attributes, nor does he know when and where he will die. When so many things cannot be decided by him, he has no right to decide in which way he can discriminate others. We are all just going to live in this world for a few years. Why not live a peaceful life helping one another rather than a life filled with rage and conflict? As Humans, we are all born with the same feelings. Why not keep yourself in the position of the other person and think twice before you hurt him/her?
It’s a sad time to be a human being when we no longer see people as human beings but as objects to be used and disposed at will by defining them based on the color of their skin, their surname, the jobs they hold and where they live. But never by the fact that they are human beings with a dignity worthy of Love and Respect belonging to “ONE HUMAN RACE”. This world needs you in your pure heart filled with love. We must all understand that when we die, we will be reduced to something that will be decomposed. Neither the power nor the money will remain but the love and respect which you have shown to others will remain forever.

“When you see others, assume them as a mirror;
  Make sure that you see the reflection clearer;
  You smile, you smile;
  You cry, you cry;
  Whatever you do reflects back;
  Each time you try hurting others, you will get hurt;
 And Each time you try loving others, you will be loved.”

“Try not to become a Man of Success, but a Man of Value”


16 thoughts on “Does Humanity even Exist…???

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  1. It’s not a nice world out there. My husband follows the news avidly and I find it very depressing. I’m more of a head in the sand/look for the positives person. And they’re there. 🙂 🙂

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    1. Thanks a lot 🙂. There is nothing that can be done of what’s happening around the world. But when people join and start loving and respecting each other surely there will be an great impact in this world we live in ❤🙂.

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      1. I think there is plenty that can be done. It is a matter of what we allow to be done and what we are willing to do to stop things from being done. We are the instruments of God’s will on earth. Should we not love these extremists into common sense again? Show them a better way? I certainly hope to soon have the opportunity. Pray that I may go to them and love them if no one else is willing!

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