Make each day Count

Not all days are going to be the same as you wish it to be. But it’s all in our hands to make each day count. You need not make a huge difference in this world. Each and every little thing that you do for yourself and others matter a lot. Start by taking little steps each day which would later result in a massive impact.


  • Brighten the Lives of the one’s Around

Your smile can brighten a person’s day. Be kind and treat everyone with Love and Respect. The way of how you treat everyone equally speaks a lot about you. Many find it easier to treat the ones who are in higher authority with due respect and not the ones lower than them. It’s a shame to classify people based on their appearance or status. Everyone in this world has something to offer. Respect them for their presence, for without them there will always be a void which no one else can fill.

“SMILE — It’s the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart”


  • Appreciate the ones around you

Appreciate each person for the one special quality they possess. It doesn’t matter how small that would be. But appreciate them with your whole heart. Make them feel special. It might seem so vague. But this can turn the life of that person in a whole new level.

“Appreciation can make a day — even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary”


  • Do something different from your usual tasks

Repeating the same thing over and over again makes life quite uninteresting. Try out something different each day. It could be as simple as drinking a different juice from your usual juice. Speak to a new person whom you have never met before. Try to take a different path rather than the usually traveled path. Listen to songs from a different genre. Explore different places around you. You would be surprised while you discover hidden interests with you. Don’t be afraid of new experiences. Since you only live once, don’t live your life with regrets. Push your comfort zone and try out different things.

“Want something different ?

Then you gotta Do something different”


  • Show your Loved Ones you care

By letting your loved ones know how much they mean to you is one of the greatest things you can ever do. Spend quality time with anyone who you matter the most. Life is short and moreover, no one ever knows what lies in the next second. Value the ones who make you feel special and in turn make them feel special too.

“A simple act of caring creates an endless Ripple”


  • Lower your Expectations

To be happy this is one of the most important thing which everyone has to possess. Give your BEST in whatever you do but never expect anything from anyone. Expectations only lead to disappointments. Live a Life free from expectations and let your actions echo in the minds of the people around you.

“Someone Asked me “Who hurt you?”

 I Replied “My Own Expectations”

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