World Of Formalities

   Have you ever imagined the way you exist in this world? Before being born, did you know to whom and at which place you would be born?  No, right…!?! No one in this world knew anything before they were born, it’s UNCERTAIN. Some have just gotten a chance to live happily with good health, shelter, and comfort just for free whereas some have not…!!!  The baby “YOU” which knew nothing and treated everyone with love and respect irrespective of any standards then started following the set of formalities followed by everyone around the world. As years pass by, the change in attitude is clearly reflected in the way they behave with the ones around. But, the Reality of Life is that just as our Birth, the Future is also uncertain to a certain extent. Tough we might have control over some part of what lies ahead of us, through determination and hard work, the rest is left totally unknown. Only God knows the whole journey of our lives. A rich person might turn out poor by losing his wealth all of a sudden due to some natural calamity or sickness and a poor person might turn out rich all of a sudden by winning a lottery. Anything could happen at any time and we have no control over it. So it’s good to be humble at all times and not boast on our current status. The ones who are privileged with talents must help the ones who are less privileged thereby setting up a peaceful world. It’s vital to break the formalities that are not right and set up the right rules on your own. One of the most fundamental thing while you set up your own rules is to first analyze that these rules are not going to affect anyone around you in any way and secondly make sure that these rules make you a better person. Try to make yourself a better person each day rather than comparing yourself with the ones around you. Each of us in this world are unique and has something unique to offer. This Life is not a competition so it doesn’t matter who wins. The only thing that matters in the end is the number of lives you touched. You might be the richest and the strongest person but without love it makes no sense. Be a person with a rich heart and a strong mind that lifts others up. Never lose hope in doing good. No matter how small the good deed might be, eventually it will show up. Be grateful and thank God for all the blessings in your life by never taking anything in life for granted.

” Life is uncertain…!!!

For no one knows, Not even you have a clue..!!!

Of What lies when the clock ticks its next beat…!!!

If you are in the Mountain’s Top, Or in the Valley Beneath…!!!

Break the bond of Hate through simple Acts of Love…!!!

All that Matters is the Number of Lives you Touched…!!! 

By Striking a Balance between every High and every Low…!!! “



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