WHY do Sliced Onions make us Cry?

Onions contain a compound called Amino acid sulfoxides. Every Knife stroke into the onion pops open cells releasing this amino acid sulfoxide and other enzymes which reacts to produce Sulfenic acids. The Sulfenic acid in onions then forms a gas SYN-Propanethial-S-Oxide which reacts with the water in our eyes to form sulphuric acid that causes... Continue Reading →

WHY do Chameleons Change Their Color?

Many people believe chameleons change colors to disguise themselves and hide from predators. However, chameleons are very fast, many can run up to 21 miles per hour and can avoid most predators quite easily. Chameleons change their color by manipulating specialized cells called Chromatophores that contain different colors of pigment. For example, when a chameleon wants... Continue Reading →

WHY do Sliced Apples turn Brown?

When an apple is cut, oxygen is introduced into the injured plant tissue which causes polyphenol oxidase (PPO) enzymes in Chloroplasts to rapidly oxidize phenol molecules naturally present in the apple tissues to o-quinones. The o-quinones themselves have no color, but they further react with oxygen to produce melanin, which is how we get the brown color on the cut... Continue Reading →

WHY are the letters in keyboard not in Alphabetical Order?

The First "Qwerty" typewriter was introduced to the United States in 1868 by Christopher Lathom Sholes. The original design of the keyboard positioned keys in alphabetical order in two rows which caused the most commonly used letters that were close together to get jammed. This resulted in the rearrangement of the keys which is mixing... Continue Reading →

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