Your Hero is The “INNER YOU”

            Have you ever felt that you are running in life and not knowing where you are heading to? At times in life, we get so stressed out not knowing who we are and what we really got to do. The torment of chasing our dreams along with the fear of the unknown future lying ahead of us drives us crazy. Well…everyone in this world goes through problems one way or the other. Even though it might not be a physical need there is surely a mental need for all. “Mental need” means wishing for more which constantly leads to stress whereas “Physical need” means the daily needs in life such as food, water, and shelter. Though the physical need can be satisfied easily the mental need is kind of hard to satisfy.

            In life, there is no point in satisfying the outer-self as it constantly urges you to want something more and then drives you to work hard and achieve it.  After that, you start comparing what you have got with someone who is better than you. Then you begin the rat race wishing to compete that person. This goes on and on until you come to the point that the race you ran was not for you but for the sake of others. When this realization comes it would be too late and you would have missed out what you really wanted to do in your life. Therefore, stop living as a puppet in the hands of other’s and start taking control of your life. The real power, the real magic, and the real accomplishment is within you and can’t be found by trying to be better than other people.  Each one is unique in their own way and by focussing on the inner-self as to how God has created you to be, you can be a blessing to this world.

Who’s Your Hero? -> This is a part of an Awesome speech given by an Oscar award winner MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY. He states that the Hero in his life is himself 10 years later. This keeps him away from comparing himself with others rather it helps him to enjoy each step of his life.

“The Only Person You Should Try To Be Better Than Is The Person You Were Yesterday”


63 thoughts on “Your Hero is The “INNER YOU”

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  1. An ever relevant post about the “self” that is explained deeply. The best and the most sincere way to improve is trying to defeat ourselves every day. Great!!! Thanks for creating such useful and meaningful posts that i need the most

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  2. Work…bravo! Just stumbled into ur page & its exceptional….the quest in fulfilling our dreams, has left us stressed out and very much afraid of the unknown future!

    Our focus is only to be better than the person we were yesterday.

    Thank you for sharing… Love it

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