End Up The Blame Game

          In this world, we live in today people love playing the Blame Game. They try finding fault in others or in themselves. From “BLAME” starts “HATRED” which eventually ends up in “REVENGE”. When we blame ourselves for the things that had happened we start hating ourselves which finally ends in loneliness, suicide, and anxiety whereas when we blame others for the things that had happened in our lives we start hating them which results in resentment, homicide, acid attacks, and wars. This shows that the main cause of all the major problems such as suicide and war begins with a minor cause which is blame.
Most people get so caught up in blaming that they continue to blame and sabotage their own life. It’s easy to blame ourselves or those who have wronged us for just about everything that is wrong with our life. But who wins if you keep on blaming yourself or others??? No one. Looking back at the past and blaming people will not make anything right. Instead, it will keep you stuck in the same place instead of enjoying the life you have today. Who wins if you forget the past and move on??? You win. Only those who take responsibility for their lives and are wanting to move on and put the past behind them are the ones much more likely to gain Freedom, Success, and Happiness. You may not be able to control what other people say or do, but you are in control of yourself always. Most of the time we blame someone for provoking us to get angry, and after a fit of anger you will just end up regretting your actions. So, why go through all of that in the first place? Time is fleeting and it’s our sole responsibility to make each and every second count. Forgive and Forget the mistakes others make for that’s the only thing that can make you powerful. Make the best version of yourself by taking back your power and focusing it on building your future rather than focusing on ruining the future of yourself and the lives of others.

” Yesterday is a History;
   Tomorow is a Mystery;
   But, Today is a Gift;
   That’s why it’s called THE PRESENT “

“Forget all the Pains of the Past, they were meant to make you Stronger. Start walking towards the Future and Blame no one Wrong”



23 thoughts on “End Up The Blame Game

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  1. That is a very good blog and it is so true because it is a lot easier at times to blame anyone or even yourself. It is harder to improve on yourself, which everyone should always be doing improving on themselves and making a better them.

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